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Mr Neo Hutiri

comment MrNeoHutiri

“I joined the FNB Accelerator Program with very little expectations and a hope that it would be different. I was pleasantly surprised, it's not just another "how to pitch your business" exercise. Much of the focus has been on the psychology of building a successful business complemented by conventional elements you need to know about how build and grow as an entrepreneur. The program really becomes what you shape it out to be, which makes it accommodating for businesses at different stages. Institute 4 Success really puts in a lot of effort in understanding the entrepreneur at personal level before setting up any interventions. The program is structured to be an enabler to helping you achieve your goals instead of prescribing programs that are not aligned to your objectives. Dr Bahadur doesn’t cuddle entrepreneurs; he brings up his A game to panel beat the key inhibitors that often hold businesses from growing. At a personal level, I am learning how to grow as an entrepreneur and not be a barrier to my own success.  It’s a journey."

Mr Nkagisang Magogodi

comment MrNkagisang

"The intervention weekend was awesome and thanks to you Dr Bahadur for making it exciting with the energy that you instilled in all of us and the great knowledge you have given us within a short period of time and I know that you will change my life forever through the skills, knowledge and wealth of experience that you have and I would like you and the FNB team to coach me through my entire life-time as I know very well it is tough walking alone in this journey".

Ms Lolo Dikobe

comment MsLolo

"I trust this finds you well including your team. Just want take a moment and thank you………., I didn't realize that by just attending this programme i would be left with so many more questions than i had initially had before participating. All good and thought provoking of course.

Now I know that I can and I will push all the boundaries to make it happen for myself and my kids as i feel like this is my only chance to make money and grow as an entrepreneur. Yes, it’s been a lonely journey and it’s about to get even lonelier and tough but I'm ready emotionally, physically and otherwise. I've always known that nothing comes easy in life but being a business person has often felt like the toughest thing I've had to do, with no-one to ask for guidance and only relying only on google. So often I've felt misunderstood but reading your book has helped me understand that itcomes with the job".

Mr George Tlhame

comment MrGeorge

"I would not have done justice to myself, if I did not send this email to you and Kiara and your Team.
You blew our minds with your knowledge, May You Increase with Psalm 20. Thank you once again, hope to travel this journey with you."

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