About The Institute 4 Success

The Institute is a non-profit company modelled around the best development institutions in the world, psychologically to drive the potential of individuals.

The organization is a non-profit entity, officially formed and registered under the NPO Act as a non-profit organization (NPO). It does not automatically qualify for preferential tax treatment. Therefore, an application has been submitted for the Institute to qualify for preferential tax treatment once it has received approval as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) from the Commissioner, as defined in section 30(1).

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Working on Entrepreneurs Model

The Working on Entrepreneurs Program is an intervention, via psychology innovation, transforming individuals with entrepreneurial intentions into entrepreneurs by selecting them from national, rural, and urban areas throughout Africa. They are supported by ongoing 24/7 business-success coaching. Based on our successful piloting, this has given life to the Program. It has been utilised by Working on Fire, the Department of Small Business Development, FNB and The School of Entrepreneurship.

It is an intense 10-day psychology innovation in creating “thousands” of entrepreneurs. Transportation to and from their residence, accommodation, and food (breakfast, lunch, and supper), lectures, training material and supportive staff for 24 hours is all included. Finally, assisting them to start their business, coaching, and helping to sustain their business also forms part of the Program.

We deal with the psychology of the entrepreneurs; improving mind and behaviour, beliefs, state of mind, habits, rituals and asking more from yourself than anyone will ask of you, operating on levels beyond approach.



Dr Bahadur Bahadur

Dr Bahadur is a global entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, researcher, and lecturer. He is an Enabler, and a Life and Business Tactician who holds a PhD in Philosophy (USA) and a Master of Business Administration (London). He serves as a member of several professional, non-profit organisations and as the chief advisor to several leading corporations, international businesses, medium enterprises and individuals.

Dr Bahadur has impacted more than 11,000 individuals globally. He served as founder and CEO of the Institute 4 Success.

Driven by his tenacity, determination, persistence, and passionate attitude, he has a global strategy to impact millions of individual lives. According to him, failure is not an option. He has authored the book, Succeed with Nothing, selling thousands of copies. Currently, he is writing his fourth book.

When aligned, Dr Bahadur is a vibration frequency of leadership and strength, abundance, financial security, and influence which ensures a vision is made practical, which governs entrepreneurship and executives alike. In the process displaying responsibility and patience – taking an idea from its inception to a successful outcome.

He is confident and strong, and believes challenges are the steppingstones to success. He is persistent, every step of the journey, and refuses to give up – nothing or no one will stop him from achieving his mission. Quiet by nature, he is intensely driven to reach the pinnacle of his professional career and has the fortitude and internal power to succeed. Dr Bahadur is the driving force behind this initiative and has developed a brilliant programme titled, Working on Entrepreneurs, forecasted to create 10,000 businesses per year at an approximate cost of one billion yearly.

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